A group savings batch is a closed cycle i.e it has a beginning and has an end. For instance,if a group savings batch is created at @ajowithadeife in September and the total number of savers is 8,that means that the batch will last for a total period of 8 months (1 saver per slot) and the cycle will end in April (September inclusive).

But what happens when someone leaves or discontinues along the line?

1. The total savings targeted by each saver will no longer be met.

2. A new saver might have to replace such a person and in some cases might have to pay all the contributions from the time the batch started up to the time he/she was added to that batch.

3. If no new saver can be gotten to fill up such slot,AjowithAdeife will have to take up such slot and that means more funds is needed to meet up with that extra contribution.

4. AjowithAdeife sometimes might have to lose funds as a result of request of refunds of previous savings by defaulter.

How do we avoid this?

1. Ensure you subscribe only to a saving plan that you’re sure you can conveniently afford based on your income at that particular time.

2. Ensure you play your part by paying the contributions promptly and consistently

3. At AjowithAdeife,we ensure we have back-up plans for payments for all types of saving plans that we offer.

4. Timely communication of discontinuation of savings by saver will save both the saver and us at AjowithAdeife the stress of fear of the unknown.

5. At AjowithAdeife,we will continue to do our best to prepare to manage any form of risks or crisis that might occur from our savers.

To all our group savers,always remember it’s not about you alone. Do to others what you want them to do to you. Be considerate,be responsible and be true to yourself.