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Frequently Asked

1. How does "AjowithAdeife" work?

At AjowithAdeife, we recommend a package for you based on what you can afford to save and how much you want to save towards a particular time. Once you select the package which ranges from N5,000 to N200,000, your month of the collection will then be allocated to you for payment of your total savings.

2. How do I know my month of collection?

Your month of collection is the month when you want to collect your total savings. You can either choose it yourself or accept any of the available months.

3. When do we start paying?

For monthly contributions, the payment period is 26th-29th of every month. However, if your payment is likely to come in late due to reasons beyond your control, please send us a mail at least 24 hours to pay period.

4. How do you handle defaulters?

We ensure that there is backup money and also a fine is charged for delayed payment.

5. Is my money safe with you?

YES, it is by God’s grace.

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