Group Savings

GROUP SAVINGS A group savings batch is a closed cycle i.e it has a beginning and has an end. For instance,if a group savings batch is created at @ajowithadeife in September and the total number of savers is 8,that means that the batch will last for a total period of 8...

Rewards Program

We hope your week started on a good note?We have a surprise for you... We don't just want you to save with ease, we also care about how to make your money work for you while you save. To this effect, we have put together our Rewards Program. See more details below on...

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Our official line is now active.You can reach us via whatsapp 24/7 and via calls from 8am to 9pm on +2349033079658. Our alternative number is +2348034239118. Save with ease...AjowithAdeife

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Ajowithadeife is a financial solutions company with mission to teach, orient and help individuals save money towards a particular financial goal through daily, weekly or monthly contributions.